About us

Premium bodycare products

for manicure, pedicure, cosmetics and shaving

Sustainably produced in Solingen, Germany


Keen blades have been the hallmark of Solingen’s industry for centuries and it is here we made our home in 1930.

Based on Solingen knowhow passed down through three generations in the manufacture of high quality steelware, our instruments today rank among the world’s most acclaimed precision bodycare products.

Our manicure, pedicure, and cosmetics instruments and our straight razors are produced with great care and passion with the aid of ultra modern automation systems, robots, and experienced Solingen master craftsmen. At the same time, particular importance is attached to environmentally friendly production processes.

Each and every product is inspected separately and meticulously before leaving the production halls.

Our customers appreciate our commitment to high quality products and comprehensive service.

PEDI products have been part of our company since 2022.

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