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Privacy Policy

The German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) applies to some of your given data. We consider this, of course.
Mozart AG appointed a data protection official who has the specialised knowledge and guaranties the for the performance of the duties concerned. The external data protection official is provided by UIMC Dr. Voßbein GmbH & Co KG.

Collection, processing and use of personal data
On principle, you can use our website without revealing your identity. With sending any information (within a form of contact) you give your consent to process these information for our own purposes (sending of desired information, processing for advertising or for market opinion research e. g.) if you did not declare an objection. You have the right to object for any given consent in future, too.
At any visit of our website the following data will be stored exclusively for statistical purposes only. The identity of the user is being kept anonymously:
- the name of the file requested,
- the date and time of the request,
- the amount of data transferred,
- IP number
This is a cookie-free site. Neither we will make use of any other user tracking techniques.
We will not give any stored data to third parties - neither for commercial nor non-commercial purposes.

Any Questions?
If you have any questions concerning the procession of your personal data, we are offering to contact our data protection official directly who will be pleased to help you:

Data protection official of Mozart AG:
Dr. Joern Vossbein
External Data Protection Official
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E-Mail: Der-Datenschutzbeauftragte[at]